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Event Production


Event Production

System Design

IMP has access to a diverse team of technicians, producers & designers, all from a variety of backgrounds. From stage management, lighting design and video content to audio system design, catalyst operation and theatre design.


IMP can design systems for all aspects of event production. Each project is treated as bespoke and even the smallest details are given the greatest of attention. This ensures your event will not only sound exceptional and look professional but will be a success and exceed expectations.


IMP can combine our technical experise with site management for those events and productions the have complex event logistics or are taking place in a challenging location. This  includes temporary structures where services such as power distribution & management are required. Site & Technical services are provided as one complete package to ensure a successful event is delivered. Health & Safety is at the core of all events managed by IMP from planning through to the rig and delivery. Risk Assessments, Method Stastements & Licenenses are all generated or obtained, implemented and overseen as  necessary to ensure your event runs as safely as posisble.

Project Management

Our project managers have worked with various clients from the automotive, retail, pharmaceutical and the financial sectors to produce a variety of dynamic events.


An IMP project manager will take complete care of the full technical brief of your event. They will look after the technical specification, carry out site visits, create technical drawings, and look after the costing & budget management for your event. Alongside this they will also liaiase with other companies, manage the booking of specialist suppliers, liasie with the venue and then provide on-site management, oversee the technical crew and provide a post event report.

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