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Location Recording


We'll bring the recording studio to you...


From concert halls to theatres and full symphony orchestras to concert bands, IMP has many years of experience in orchestral & classical recording. Using state of the art audio interfaces & portable production units, IMP can capture the natural sound of the room alongside the carefully crafted balance of the orchestra created by the conductor. We have recorded orchestras in many ways, from a simple stereo pair, a combination of room microphones through to a more 'pop' approach that included section microphones alongside the standard room and stereo mircophones techniques.

For a quote or more information please contact us.

Live Shows

​Capturing live performances is something IMP excels in. Depending on the requirements and the equimpent being prodvided by the event production team, a live recording of your show can easily be acheived. Our team can either utilise mixing consoles & microphones already in place for the live performance or put in an entirley seperate recording system alongside the live audio equipment.


Either of these methods will ensure your live show is captured beautifully and ready to be reproduced as you desire.


For detailed system specs, more information or a quote, please contact us.



​IMP can come to your home and record vocals (and solo instruments) in your front room or favourite rehearsal space.


Using transportable acoustic treatement and our portable production units we can set up a studio wherever required. This can be to record vocals in your own home or to capture a rehearsal of your band. This sort of setup can also be good for last minute voice over sessions


Prices start from £25 plus travel. For more information, please get in touch.


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